Thursday, June 30, 2011

MAC Blogger's Obsessions- Swatches and FOTDs with Hocus Pocus and Jealousy Wakes

So, like everybody else in the make-up blogosphere, I was hotly anticipating the MAC Blogger's Obsessions collection that came out this month!  It was an exclusive online collection that nine different bloggers participated in, and where they got to design their own exclusive MAC lipglass or eyeshadow!  How exciting would that be?  I'm definitely a MAC girl and that sounds like a dream!  I have not the slightest clue what kind of color I would design though!   I bought Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus eyeshadows.

Jealousy Wakes was designed by Christine from Temptalia, my very favorite beauty blog!  In fact, Christine was the one who really got me interested in make-up, so how could I not buy a color designed by her?  Of course, it helped that it was a gorgeous color anyways!  On me, Jealousy Wakes is a blue-based emerald green with teal shimmer running through it.  Very duochrome-like due to the heavy shimmer.  I've already worn this three times since getting it last Friday, it's really lovely!  The first time I wore it on the lid with a charcoal with gold sparkles in the crease and a metallic gold on the inner 1/3 and tear duct.  That was just an experimentation when I first got it, so I don't really have the greatest shots of it. I also never did eyeliner or mascara...oops.  But of course, it  was just me experimenting.  So, sorry it's not super pretty, but you can get a good idea of what the color looks like.  Also, here's some comparison swatches:
from left to right: MAC Shimmermoss, MAC Jealousy Wakes, MAC Surf USA, MAC Birds and Berries

 You can see from the swatches that Jealousy Wakes' shimmer really changes it from different angles, same thing with Birds and Berries on the end.  It can look really quite bright straight on due to the light colored shimmer.
Experimental look (messy with no mascara and eyeliner, sorry!): MAC Jealousy Wakes paired with Loreal HIP Gilded Duo (the gold in the inner and charcoal shade in the crease)

 But when I did a full look with Jealousy Wakes, I went all out!  I love wearing yellow and green shades together, so that's what I did with this one :)  I used Rocky Mountain green jumbo pencil not because it's not pigmented, but so it would lean a bit more green.

What I used:
Eye Primer: MAC Painterly Paint Pot, outer 2/3 of lid is NYX Rocky Mountain Green Jumbo pencil
Inner 1/3 lid + inner 1/3 of bottom lashline- Sugarpill Buttercupcake
outer 2/3 of lid + middle of bottom lashline- MAC Jealousy Wakes
Crease + outer1/3 of bottom lashline- Charcoal with gold sparkle color from Loreal HIP Gilded metallic Duo (swatched below)
Upper lashline- Jordana Fabuliner in Black
Mascara- Maybelline Full n Soft
Blush- Illamasqua Nymph (really softly)
Lips- MAC Myself lipstick (LE) and NYX Sugar Pie mega shine lipgloss
foundation- Bare Minerals Foundation in Fairly Light and Mineral Veil

Hocus Pocus was designed by Lianne Farbes from "The Makeup Girl" blog.  I had never personally read her blog before, but I couldn't resist the color when I saw Christine's swatch of it on her blog!  On me, It's a gorgeous smoky gray that has multicolored shimmer integrated into it.  It is so stunning!  In some lights it has a purple tone to it, while in others it's more of a taupey brown.  Really a fascinating color, and also a chameleon that changes when you pair it with different colors.  So here's some swatches of it besides other eyeshadows and also my little experimentation with it.  Lianne mentioned that you could use this all over the lid and in the crease for a fantastic smokey eye and I totally agree, my example is a little messy and without eyeliner and mascara, but I can totally see it's potential, it's gorgeous! 

Left to right:  Dark Brown from Wet n Wild Sugarplum fairy palette, MAC Hocus Pocus, Dark silver from Wet n Wild Lust palette, and the dark charcoal with gold sparkles from the Loreal HIP Gilded metallic duo

My experimental look (sorry for no mascara or liner again!): Hocus Pocus on the lid, the highlighters from the Wet n Wild Lust palette mixed together and in the inner corner and on the brow to blend, and the charcoal with gold sparkles from the Loreal HIP Gilded Duo (swatched above)

The multicolored shimmer in this eyeshadow is so mesmerizing!  Really lovely!  Here's my full look from Monday featuring Hocus Pocus in the crease.  It looks a little worse for wear because this was at the end of the day, and I didn't realize that my eyeliner looks a little rough too!  Sorry!    

What I used:
Eye primer: NAC Painterly Paint Pot
Inner 1/3 lid- Plum with gold sparkle from Wet n Wild Sugarplum Fairy palette (also blended into crease)
inner 1/3 of bottom lashline- Aromaleigh Hearts a Plenty
outer 2/3 of lid- MAC Trax
Crease + outer 2/3 of bottom lashline-MAC Hocus Pocus
Upper lashline- Jordana Fabuliner in Brown
Mascara- Maybelline Full n Soft

So, that was my experience so far with my MAC Blogger's Obsessions eyeshadows!  Really gorgeous and unique multidimensional colors with lovely shimmer!  Unfortunately, these two eyeshadows are sold out, but they apparently are going to come back in stock, so be on the look-out! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Retro Photoshoot

On Thursday, a friend and I got together to do a photo shoot. She modeled for me and I modeled for her, although I'm much less modelesque than her.  While I am by no means a model, it was fun styling myself and doing my makeup for the shoot, something I am much more comfortable doing!  I went with a 50's theme and decided to do my version of a  retro pin-up girl look: neutral eyes, winged liner, and red lipstick.  My clothing choices were also inspired by the 50's, an era of fashion that never fails to inspire me!
Here's a pretty good view of the make-up I did for the shoot.

And just a silly one of me laughing :)

Model, stylist, make-up, and editing: me!
Photographer: Yanan Sun

Check out the rest of our photo shoot, and my pictures of her on my Facebook photography fan page!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traincase to Vanity

I used to long for an awesome traincase, and then I got one.  As much as I loved the way it organized and looked, it just wasn't easy to open up since it needed a lot of room.  My bathroom was not an ideal spot for it, my bathroom is small and it just was not working out.  Then I had a new dream: a beautiful and functional vanity.  I figured I would never be able to fit one in my room, and my dream remained just that.  Then, I went crazy and got rid of lots of stuff and re-organized, and suddenly I had plenty of room.  Then, I couldn't find a suitable vanity.  It had to fit in my space, about 40-43 inches, and have lots of drawers and organizing space.  Most pieces of furniture advertised as "vanities" were WAY too tiny, having only one small drawer and minimal top space.  Then, my Craigslist search ended when I came upon a little white desk that made my heart flutter. <3

Priced at $125, it was the perfect size and had tons of organizing room.  When I met the sellers, my dad and I were able to bargain them down to $100, and really I needed the extra funds to repaint it.  It's a gorgeous solid wood desk, but the paint job was questionable.  It looked as though the previous owners decided they should paint it with a paint roller and thus there was some weird texture going on.  It was also pretty dirty.  So, operation vanity included a definite re-paint.