Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Out of my Comfort Zone?

I'm not really big on neutrals, they just tend to be boring to me (although I love my Aromaleigh "Melancholy Maiden" shadow), but I figured that I was going to have to enter the "adult" world soon.  So I figured I would go out and buy the Urban Decay Naked palette when I could get it on sale.  Well, when Christine from Temptalia mentioned Wet n Wild Comfort Zone was up on drugstore.com, and I had already read a million glowing reviews, I bit the bullet and purchased it.  OH MY GOODNESS! While I can't say I love all neutrals, I certainly love THESE neutrals. They're just plain stunning and very high quality feeling.  The pictures don't do this look justice, but the colors are just deep and very dimensional and dare I say it, sexy? They just look so smokey and gorgeous on, much more so than the photos show. I can't believe I feel this way about neutrals!  I've already used the palette three different days, and it's definitely a joy to work with.
What I Used:

(all shadows are from Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette unless noted otherwise)
Primer: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
Lid: Left Lid shade
Crease and outer lower lashline: Right Crease shade
tearduct and inner lower lashline: Right/Highlighter shade
brow: Matte highlighter from Wet n Wild Vanity palette
upper lashline: MAC Black Russian Pearlglide with Right crease shade on top
Mascara: Maybelline Full n Soft

Bare Minerals foundation in Fairly Light
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
Illamasqua Nymph blush

Estee Lauder Dune Rose and MAC Myself layered
random clear gloss

Monday, August 1, 2011

Drugstore.com Haul!

I've been seeing so many swatches of the Wet n Wild Color Icon 8 pan palettes, and so I kinda felt like they were a must!  Temptalia posted swatches of Comfort Zone, which I have been lusting after but can never seem to find, and she said she bought hers from drugstore.com.  I was so excited and rushed over to make my purchase (and of course threw some more goodies in my basket)! I've never bought from drugstore.com, but I couldn't believe my box already shipped out today (Monday) when I ordered it on Sunday! So here's what I bought:
click to enlarge!  (Photos belong to drugstore.com)

  • Bodycology Shower Gel & Bubble Bath in Coconut Lime- Out of the entire order, this is the only item I have tried before.  I love Bodycology soaps and this one is especially delicious smelling.  I'm a huge lover of coconutty scents!
  • Yardley of London Moisturizing Bath Bar in Limited Edition Vanilla Sugar- A review I read mentioned this smelled like vanilla cookies, and I am a big fan of warm and foodie scents!  I've never tried this brand before, but have heard some good things about it.
  • Yardley of London Moisturizing Bath Bar in Limited Edition in Orange Spice- This just sounds plain delicious!
  • e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner in Metallic Olive- I've never tried out any ELF products before nor have I tried out gel/cream eyeliner, so I'm hoping this won't be a disastrous buy!  Other reviews praised it and the color looked and sounded lovely!
  •  Ardell Accent Lashes in Black #305-  I loved my Sonia Kashuk demi lashes, and I'm hoping I'll like these just as much!
  •  Wet n Wild Color Icon 6-pan palette in Vanity- The final original 6-pan palette I don't own!  I felt like this looked too warm for me, but I've been loving the FOTDs with it so I decided it wouldn't hurt to try!
  •  Wet n Wild Color Icon 8-pan palette in Comfort Zone- The reason I ordered!  I have been trying to get some more neutrals for a more professional look (when I need it), and this just looks ridiculously gorgeous!  I'm going to try to resist the Urban Decay Naked palette with this, lol!
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Brow & Eye Pencil in Dark Brown- My eyebrows are forever a confusing topic for me, I pluck strays and also use an eyebrow shaver shaper, but have never had them professionally shaped due to the amount of maintenance they would need (and also because of the pain involved!).  I have tried a brow powder from Anastasia, but just don't feel it looks very natural, although it's probably because I have no idea how to use it properly.  So, this could be a serious disaster, or could be fantastic.  For $0.99, I decided it could be worth trying! 
  • Wet n Wild Color Icon 8-pan palette in Blue Had Me at Hello- I don't really have any true blues in my stash, so I thought this one would be nice as well!  Plus, that bright aqua blue color looks insanely gorgeous, as does the icy pale blue.  :)  
So, that's my haul from drugstore.com! It came in at around $25 with a $5 off $30 code that I found from retailmenot.com, and I couldn't believe I got so many goodies! I can't wait to get my shipment, and I'll be posting some reviews when I get them, but is there any particular item that you would like to see a review of first?  :)

More Blogger's Obsessions Looks

Wow, I got a bit behind there!  I've been taking pictures of my FOTDs, but keep forgetting to blog them! So, here's two more looks with my Blogger's Obsessions purchases:  Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus. 

The first one was inspired by Christine from Temptalia's look with Jealousy Wakes.  I really liked the neutral lid paired with Jealousy wakes, but other than that, my look is obviously quite different!  I tried to get several different angles in, because I wanted to show off that gorgeous teal shimmer in it!  I also got a NIB  MAC Bite of an Apple blush from a wonderful Specktra member that night, so I put that on as well for the photos, lol!

Full look-don't mind my silly posing
This was when I decided to try out a pair of Sonia Kashuk demi lashes that I bought for really cheap.  I've never worn false lashes before (mainly because they hit into my glasses) but I fell in LOVE with the way these made my eyes look and they didn't hit into my glasses, so definite keepers :)

What I used:
Foundation: Bare Escentuals original mineral foundation in fairly light, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Primer: MAC paint pot in Painterly
lid: Melancholy Maiden
crease and outer 1/3 of lid: MAC Jealousy Wakes
brow and blending: Aromaleigh Melancholy Maiden
Tearduct: Aromaleigh We're All Mad Here (not particularly obvious, but it's a light green with shimmer)
liner: Jordana Fabuliner in black (If they ever discontinue this, I will be so SAD!)
Mascara: Maybelline Full n Soft
Cheeks: MAC Bite of an Apple
lips: MAC Ultra Darling

My look with Hocus Pocus was super quick, but I really liked it nonetheless!  I was seriously having issues trying to decide what to wear for a party, but I thought this up at the last minute when a much more colorful look seriously failed! (note to self: do not attempt a hot pink and purple look when you are rushed for time!)

What I used:
Foundation: Bare Escentuals original mineral foundation in fairly light, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Primer: MAC paint pot in Painterly
lid: MAC Silver Ring
crease and outer 1/3 of lid: MAC Hocus Pocus
brow and tear duct: probably a combo of the highlighters included in the Wet n Wild Lust palette (definitely my favorite highlighters)
liner: Jordana Fabuliner in black
Mascara: Maybelline Full n Soft
Cheeks: Illamasqua Nymph (most likely, although it's not particularly obvious so maybe nothing!)
lips: MAC Lazy Day lightly applied (I so wish this had not been LE)