Monday, June 25, 2012

Golden Evening

Not much exciting has been happening in thrifting land (which is a shame really, because I need some cool dresses for an upcoming shoot)!  

However, a few weeks ago my grandmother handed the sheer dress back to me that I had bought in the $5 sale.  It had some really minor tears, and she told me that she took a little bit of fabric glue and fixed it up.  In any case, I can't even locate where the tears were before, so apparently she did a great job!  The photos of it in the first entry are abysmal, and it's a dress that I'll use for myself (as opposed to using it in a shoot) so I figured I should do ahead a document it.

Looking up the company on the internet, I see a lot of references to it being a company from the 70s, and I could definitely see that being true with this one as well.  It is just so gauzy and ethereal, now I just have to decide on an undergarment to use underneath it!

The Silk Farm: Designed by ICINOO

It was a windy evening, and a lot of the time the dress was refusing to cooperate and blowing all around. :P  Looked rather lovely anyways!

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