Sunday, September 16, 2012

Using Vintage for Photoshoots behind on this blog!  Sorry for disappearing, but it's been a really busy last couple of months, lots and lots of work being done!  I haven't had time to photograph any of my new finds, however, I have been using them in photo-shoots non-stop!  So, do you want to see how I've used some of my vintage finds in recent photo-shoots? 

Well, read on!

Remember the Le-Ann 80s metal shell purse from my $3 splurge?  I said I was using it in a "mermaid" themed photoshoot, and here it is being rocked by the lovely Katie from Posche Models!  She's also got on a Laurence Kazar 80s beaded dress that was thrifted long, long ago at Goodwill. It was actually one of my very first thrifted vintage dresses.  I had it hanging on my wall forever actually! We really pinned this one in to fit the model perfectly, I was really happy with the results!
And here it is lounging in the water, came out good as new though!

"Siren's Song"
Here's the scaled metal belt as well from the $3 splurge post! The 80s beaded top was gifted to me by an awesome family member who knows my love for unique vintage finds!

"Secret Garden" with Taylor Montague (Alexa Models)
 This is a 70s Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax dress, it is in unbelievable condition for something so white! I actually wore it for Easter this year too! It was thrifted from our local Hospice thrift store that is easily my favorite thrift store, my grandma and I always find awesome things! The hat is straw with dried flowers on it; I got it from a guy who was clearing out his parent's house for free. You can't beat styling a shoot for less than $5!

"Left Behind" with Emily Cingari
Also from the Hospice thrift store, are we sensing a trend yet? It's an 80s/90s Rampage dress and it was under $5!  It makes me think of a marionette dress, so we went with an abandoned doll theme! It fit Emily perfectly!

from the Swan Song photoshoot with Madeline Hall (BMG Models Orlando)

This dress was bought on Ebay a few months ago for about $10, it said it was a 40s gown (very well might be as it had shoulder pads, which were mostly popular in the 40s and 80s).  It looks fairly good in these shots, but it was really badly stained on arrival, and then this shoot happened. Sadly, the dress didn't really make it through it.  The drop-waisted seam ripped as she was standing up and then practically fell apart at the seams when we tried to wash some of the dirt out of it. Oops. I pretty much commited vintage sacrilege, I try not to feel too badly about it though, since it was already sad when it came.  It just had it's last big adventure! The headpiece is another DIY.

Katie (Posche Models)
It looked especially fabulous in black&white!
 This cobalt blue gown was thrifted from a Goodwill for under $5 and is a Miss Elliette dress with what have been described as pineapple sleeves. Love that description! I've seen a couple of color-ways of this one floating around the net that can't seem to settle on an age.  It's been described anywhere from 60s to 70s to 80s. VFG's label resource pinpoints this one as a 60s gown, quite an unusual one at that! Katie is also wearing vintage rhinestone jewelry from a few different estate sales.

A vintage styled shoot with Shoshannah Kadinger

And here's some cute vintage gloves and a vintage pearl braided necklace! The gloves were my great grandmother's, and the necklace is from an estate sale for $1.

Another with Shoshannah Kadinger
One of my most recent purchases, this 50s hat was $5 at the Labor Day Webster flea market sale! It looked so darn adorable on Shoshannah!  The rotary phone was "picked" from a purchased piece of property, and the doily is the one shown in the $3 splurge post.

Still untitled, but with Brittany Heuser

And from my most recent shoot, I shot with this awesome 60s/70s dress (unlabelled, I believe)! I thrifted itat  Goodwill for less than $5 at the same time as the Miss Elliette dress above. I love the bohemian yet Renaissance look of this one. So magical!

I hope you enjoyed that little peek at some of my vintage collection, and how it's being used in my photoshoots! 


  1. Your vintage collection is literally PHENOMENAL. Oh my word, I am speechless. You have such a talent for styling, as well. Every shoot is beautifully done and embodies a character perfectly. Absolutely breathtaking ♥

    1. Oh my goodness! It's you! <3 Thank you so, so much Lauren! If you're ever in Florida and want to play in my vintage closet, feel free to shoot me a message! I would love to meet you in person; I just love your sense of style and the way your blog reads like a diary!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How AWESOME- how long have you been a photographer? I love love love that mermaid shot. :)

    I hope you can stop by my bloggie too. I just did an interview and style post on this awesome fair trade fashion company. Let me know what you think! I look forward to your reply.

    Blessings and Happy Sunday,