Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Vintage Finds

On St. Patrick's day, my mom and I went on a mini yard sale expedition.  There was an estate sale nearby that had been advertised as starting on Friday, which we had not been able to go to, so we decided to go on Saturday instead.  They had some great pictures advertising the sale, including several pairs of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Vara shoes, which I have always wanted a pair of!  Well, in any case, they were gone on Saturday.  But that doesn't mean it was a total bust!

These were our goodies we brought home:

Metal box- $2.50

Hippos $20 for the pair
Glove Envelope $1
What it looks like when it's opened!

 So, at the estate sale, we picked up the metal box (that I can now not get open!), the pair of clay hippos, and the glove envelope. The hippos were my mom's purchase, they are now quite happy to be in the wild of our backyard!  I know absolutely nothing about them, but they are just so cheerful looking and begged to be taken home.  I also have a large collection of 50s short gloves, so this little felt glove envelope seemed like the perfect buy!

Then, when we were driving back home, we saw a yard sale sign, and since we weren't needed elsewhere and the mounds of things were intriguing, we decided to stop in!  This was a true junk sale of treasures.  I resisted several BIG things:  a big blue rusted fan unit, several big suitcases, chairs, and some large mirrors.    

However, the three things I did purchase made me very happy indeed and for a whole $3.50, I felt like I had quite a deal!  
UCAGCO Japanese tea cup and saucer $.50

Such pretty poppies! <3

This shot really show off the lustrous color of them both!  The white has a very iridescent finish.
And here's the pattern name: August Poppy!  

 It was difficult to find information on this little teacup and saucer set, but I finally located that they were by UCAGCO and that this was a flower of the month sort of thing.  August's flower being the poppy, of course! I can not get over how pretty the iridescent finish is on these, very pretty!  I am already imagining a photo-shoot in my head!

A Bright blue double-breasted sweater- $1
Adorable buttons!

I'm having a difficult time dating this one.  Sears and Roebucks items are apparently notoriously difficult to date  because they used SO many different labels.  Apparently, it's one of those, look at it and decide sorts of things.  I know nothing about vintage sweaters, so I'm not going to label this one quite yet.  But it even still has the extra button sewn into the inside of it! I always thought a size like "38" meant it was a men's item, but those flower buttons make me wonder! In any case, it fits nicely and I love it!
Homemade multi-colored blanket $2

Although the color combos seem a bit weird in some places, I really just loved how joyful this knit blanket looked!  This will be great to take photos with;  I can just imagine kids spreading across it for portraits!

So,that was the end of my little St. Patrick's Day Excursion, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  If you have any extra info on any of the items, I'm always interested!

So, what have you found recently? :)

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