Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage, Ebay, and Kitties, Oh My!

It's been awhile!  I've been super busy with other things in life, and I just have not had the time to photograph some of my newest vintage goodies.  Sorry!  So, this evening I went outside and started photographing away.  I wasn't feeling it though, the light wasn't cooperating! 

But first things first:
Vintage 70's sweater around $5
Ebay became an obsession for a few weeks after my introduction; it was bad.  Way too easy of access to cool things, and bidding incited some serious frenzy!  In total, I won five different vintage auctions.  This sweater was part of a lot that included two other sweaters in different color-ways as well as a really cute 70s printed tank top.  Pictures soon, I promise.  I've already worn two of the sweaters, and they're perfect to wear with skirts!  I wore one of them, the brown and cream version, with my new American Eagle pink skinny jeans, and while it looked cute, it was a bit too short! Either way I really love them, so I'm super happy with that purchase!

Next item:

Barlow scrimshaw bolo tie around $10
Looking at the auction, I thought this was a really cool piece, and I still really like it, but I don't think it is very old at all, and clearly not "vintage" as advertised.  Especially considering, they're still selling versions of these on the internet.  But anyways, it's got a deer on it and it makes a nifty necklace.  

A few weeks ago, before the Ebay craze started though, I wandered into my favorite little Hospice thrift store.  They had their coats on sale, I think they were 50% off if I remember correctly.  I have the hardest time finding vintage coats, all off the ones I find end up being too large on me!  Anyways, then I came across this one:

60s/70s vintage Holly Plush for Alorna coat $4.75
As soon as I tried it on, I was in love...except for that fur collar.  I could get used to I suppose, but it just really isn't me.  I have nothing against vintage fur, and I would rather people buy vintage fur rather than new fur.  But anyways, I started checking it out, and I realized the fur collar had been added by the previous owner... Happy days! So, I snipped off some of the thread knots, and slowly pulled out the threads releasing the furry creature from the collar.

This was the eagerly anticipated collar I was rewarded with: 

kitty in the background :P

Isn't it gorgeous?!  I'm totally dissapointed winter is over now, but I seriously love this coat.  The pockets are really unique looking and the collar is swoon-worthy.  And the seaming, can I just say how lovely it shapes the coat?  So excited for next winter now.

And the reason I ended up ending my documentation session was because Dixie, our little stray kitty, and Sasha, one of our house cats, would not leave me alone.  So, they got pictures of them taken instead:



This weekend I am super excited to go to the Sherry's Yesterdaze Big Blowout sale, and I'm crossing my fingers I'll come it with some cool finds!

Until next time!


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