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 As I mentioned in my last blog post, I attended the Sherry's Yesterdaze Blowout sale on Saturday, and it was a blast!  I went along with my greatest partner-in-crime, my grandmother! There were so many great deals and cool things, I had to majorly hold myself back, and even then I ended up with quite a few things.  This post is centered around some of the photo-shoot items I picked up, I also got a few vintage purses and a 60s sweater that I'll photograph later.  As these went straight to my photoshoot closet, I didn't have time to get any awesome pictures, so I relied on my IPhone to document them :)  Everything you see in the following posts was $5 a piece.
80's red satin dress with layered ruffled peplum and 60s/70s maxi gown
80s All That Jazz California label, and made in USA!  
love the palm frond print, and it fits me perfectly!  Also came with a matching belt and buckle
and the ever present 80s shoulder pads.
The ruffled bottom is so cool! 
I want to say this is 60s but I'll include the 70s just in case ;)  There's no tags in this on at all, but that's what the silhouette suggests to me.  The seafoam color is rather pretty too!

And the Belle dress!  I love this one so much, and I wish I could just wear it around ALL the time! Probably a formal dress from the 70s, I wish we wore awesome stuff like this to dances now. :D

Ruffles and yellow, perfect combo <3
and the extra frilly back!
So pretty and dainty!
Butt bow!

Lorrie Deb San Francisco label  

And the ruffled tier on the bottom

And another floaty find, a sheer capelet:
navy blue and pretty <3  I can imagine layering this over something like a leotard, maybe...?

A maribou trimmed mumu, yeah, I know you're jealous!I have no idea but I can picture it with some super crazy couture hair!

I love this one a ton!  It looks gorgeous on, but it has some slight damage we're going to try to remedy.  It's a 70s "The Silk Farm" dress.  The pattern is so pretty on it; I sure hope giving it some extra love will remedy it's flaws.  

Pretty pattern <3

Tag: The Silk Farm designed by ICINOO, made in Korea

And the last dress,  a 60s wedding dress!  The Pièce de résistance!  My grandmother got to the long dresses before I did ( I was still browsing the shorter ones), and she excitedly came over and said, "Ashley!  Do you want another wedding dress?!"  Initially, I was kind of "eh" on the subject, but as soon as I saw this one, it was love.  <3  How regal is this?  It even came with a huge train!  


Buttons (and Lace)!  
It seems like the dress might have been taken in to make it smaller...?  You can't see the whole tag, and I'm not totally sure what the fully company name is.

ILGWU tag, this is a 1963-74 label

Interested in finding out dating for union tags?  Check here:  So ridiculously helpful, as finding ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Worker Union) tags are fairly common and very easy to help date vintage!  

And here's the last of my goods that I'll reveal for now, three vintage hats!  Oh how, me and my grandmother love hats!  They had lots of great ones at the sale, but we tried to pick the ones in the best of condition with something super unique about them! We wore them while putting away the clothes in their garment bags and taking pictures :)

This was my grandmother's choice find, such a cute and unique little thing!  My grandfather said it reminded him of a pancake! :)

rhinestones and bow!

I can't decipher the label on this one, but here it is anyways :)

And my little round hat, this is the one I wore.  It's on a mannequin head right now trying to get it's shape back.  I love the shiny but matte look of the material.  

The label on this one is super OTT!  "Mr. John" in super pretty cursive, a bow, rhinestones, and signature lining fabric.  Love it!  

And oh how I love leaves, I couldn't leave this lovely behind <3  It's a shallow little hat, very pretty and in great condition.  Each leaf is wired, so you can turn them up or lay them down.  

And the tag:  "Original design by Madcaps, Paris, New York"  

So, that was some of Saturday's excitement!  There will be more coming soon, and I'll have to post some of the photographs I did with a vintage nightgown I ebay'd as well! :)  



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